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Westside Gunn - Intro (from Hitler Wears Hermes 3)

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This is uh, this is from, this is a- again points out the contradiction
이건 uh, 이 얘기는, 이건, 다시 한 번 역설을 지적하는 거지

There is a contradiction, he preaches against materialism but fills his garage with a new Rolls Royce, a new Cadillac, a new Lincoln, a new Camper
역설적이야, 그는 물질주의를 멀리하라고 강론을 하면서 차고에는 새 Rolls Royce, Cadillac, Lincoln, Camper를 채워넣거든

No, two Rolls Royce
아니, Rolls Royce 두 대지

Two Rolls Royces [laughs]
Rolls Royce 두 대

Tell me

Tell me, you love me
말해봐, 날 사랑한다고

Griselda, by Fashion Rebels
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sketchbook5, 스케치북5

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