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cLOUDDEAD - And All You Can Do is Laugh (2)

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How you doin'?
어떻게 지내?

Who's the spokesman?
누가 말하는 거야?

What are you doing sir?
뭐하고 있으세요?

My God!


What was I doing?
뭘 하고 있었더라?

What was I doing?
뭘 하고 있었더라?

Rhythm (x15)

Rhythm's wonderful
리듬이 죽여주네

That kind of rhythm's everything, you can't even go to the bathroom if your rhythm ain't ?
이런 리듬은 모든 것이야, 리듬이 없다면 화장실도 갈 수 없잖아

What was I doing?
나 뭐하고 있었지?

Play me some beautiful dreamy music, dear prince
아름다운, 꿈 꾸는 것 같은 음악 좀 틀어줘, 왕자님

Have you ever swung around a beautiful country road
혹시 아름다운 시골길을, 허공에 달콤한 인생의

With a gleam of sweet life in the air
빛을 느끼며 걸어본 적 있어?

Groovy with gold in your pocket
주머니에 돈 넣고 신나게

Riding a wild set of wheels at an easy pace
편안한 속도로 바퀴를 굴리면서 말야

Can you feel it?

You start thinking about a beautiful girl
넌 5년 전에 만났던 아름다운

You met there five years ago
여자를 생각하게 되지

What a gasser she was!
참 대단한 여자였지!

Take me now!
날 데려가줘!

What am I doing here?
나 여기서 뭐하는 거지?

Who do you think's been driving while you were gone?
네가 없는 동안 누가 차를 몰았겠어?

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