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힙합엘이 라디오

EP.12 - 울컥했던 순간 / 족집게 과외(JAY Z)

title: [회원구입불가]HiphopLE2013.08.11 18:21조회 수 6827추천수 12댓글 27


The Art of Hiphop EP.12
힙합 moment! - 울컥했던 순간 / 족집게 과외(JAY Z)

히맨, 칸초, 네이트독

 <코너1> 힙합 moment! - 울컥했던 순간

 <코너2> 족집게 과외 - JAY Z "Jay Z Blue" 

<Jay Z Blue>

[Verse 3]
Father never taught me how to be a father, treat a mother
I don't wanna have to just repeat another leave another
Baby with no daddy want no mama drama
I just wanna take her back to a time when everything was calmer
Out in Paris on a terrace watching the Eiffel Tower
And a Ferris wheel yet and still, nothing could prepare us
For the beauty that you be Blue be
Looking in your eyes is like a mirror, have to face my fears
Cheer up, why can't you just be happy
Without these back and forth thoughts, you too much like your daddy
Badly I just wanna spent more time with him
Sadly life wouldn't let me get around with him
Now I got my own daughter, taught her how to take her first steps
Cut the cord watch her take her first breath
And I'm trying and I'm lying if I said I wasn't scared
But in life and death if I ain't here




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sketchbook5, 스케치북5

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