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Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Supplier

title: [회원구입불가]DanceD2019.05.14 20:44조회 수 154댓글 0

They're supplying dope to the Black and Mexican communities
그들은 흑인과 멕시코인 공동체에 마리화나를 공급하고 있어

Yeah, the thing that I was taught that only the strong survives"
Yeah, 내가 배웠던 유일한 것은 강자만이 살아남는다는 것

You know meaning with, meaning that whether you had to, you know
그 뜻 알지, 즉 니가 누굴 털든, 속이든, 뭘 해야하든지 간에

Scrape, bait, or whatever you had to do, man
그 일을 하는 목적은 말야

The thing was to get it, it really didn't matter what the means was
니 몫을 버는 거지, 그 수단이 뭐든 상관 없다는 거야

Or how you had to go and get it
네가 어떻게 얻어야했든지 말야

That'd mean you had to, step on 10 people to get a dollar
그러니까, 달러를 얻기 위해서 열 사람은 밟아야한다면

Then you step on 10 people
열 사람을 밟으면 되는 거야

And you know that this is what I'd heard constantly, only the strong survive
그리고 항상 듣는 소리가 뭔지 알아? 강자만이 살아남는다는 거야




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