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Killa Kyleon [Candy Paint N Texas Plates]

title: Kendrick Lamar (2)Skit2018.04.23 22:18조회 수 186댓글 0

발매일 2018-05-04
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Killa Kyleon [Candy Paint N Texas Plates]

01. Love

02. Doja Sweet (feat. A$AP Rocky & Bun B)

03. Money All the Time (feat. Scarface, Z-Ro, Willie D & Devin the Dude)

04. Fuck You

05. Light It Sip It (feat. A$AP Ferg & Maxo Kream)

06. Choppa

07. Nightmares

08. Come On Down (feat. Delorean)

09. Freak (feat. Bambino)

10. Let's Talk About It (feat. Bam Rogers)

11. Out Tha Mudd

12. 24 (feat. Young Dolph)

13. Wtf

14. SupaStar (feat. Rizzo Rizzo)

15. Swear To God

16. Ain't Bout No Money

17. Hate To See Ya Living (feat. Bambino)

18. I'ma G

19. Cash Money

20. They Don't Know (feat. Bambino)


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