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Sabrina Claudio - I Don't Mean To

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[Verse 1]
You don't try to make me laugh no more
넌 더 이상 날 웃기려고 하지 않아

It was probably something that I did
아마 내가 뭘 해서 그런가

You don't try to pull me back anymore
날 더 이상 당겨주지 않아

It was probably all those times I left
내가 떠났던 적들 때문인가

When did we get here?
언제 여기로 와버렸지?

Did I just miss it?
내가 놓친 걸까?

Why didn't you tell me?
왜 안 말해줬어?

Was I not listening?
내가 안 듣고 있었어?

How didn't I see this?
어쩌다 이걸 못 봤지?

Did I not notice?
눈치도 못 챘나?

Is it too late?
너무 늦었나?

'Cause, I wanna fix this
난 이걸 고치고 싶어

I've been swimming in my head
난 머리 속에서 헤엄을 치고

And you're drowning in the waves
넌 파도 속에 가라앉고 있지

I pull me up by pulling you in
너를 당기면서 나를 끌어내고

And I let you take the blame
비난은 네가 감수하도록 놔둬

But I, oh yeah, I, oh yeah, I don't mean to
하지만 난, oh yeah, 난, oh yeah, 그러려던 건 아닌데

Now you're slipping through my hands
이제 넌 내 손에서 빠져나가고 있어

And I'm trying to hold on
난 붙들려고 애를 쓰지

[Verse 2]
You don't talk about our future no more
넌 우리 미래에 대해서 더 이상 얘기 안 해

'Cause it's probably hard to imagine it
아마 상상하기 어렵겠지

You don't care to kiss me goodnight no more
더 이상 잘 자란 키스도 안 해줘

'Cause we're laying back-to-back in bed
우린 침대 위에 등을 맞대고 누워있어






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