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Mild Beats

Queens & Seoul in My Heart (Do The Right Rap Competition Entry)

Big J of PiNK FLOW2014.08.08 03:53조회 수 540댓글 0

연락처 / @bigj_pinkflow

Hollup hollup hollup

Take your time listening 

Yeah I just came from the bottom 

My level cannot be counted 

It's been a year that I seriously started 

making tracks and People still love em 

내 현재를 위해 과거를 재활용해 

My past was a garbage I was a trash can 

I'm sure that God loves me to the max 

하고 싶은 음악 멋있게 하며 살고있네 

You don't know what I been through but what I do 

You wonder like Stevie do or be a coward, Scooby Doo 

Find me in a zoo, I Gorilla (go realer) 

My stacks stop your mouths move, Chinchilla (Chin chiller) 

I go deeper and deeper when your mouth moves

Where's your dream or reach point, get out of my view 

Queens & Seoul in my heart 

Queens & Seoul in my heart 

Big J of PiNK FLOW dreaming world wide

Do the right rap homie, Where's your true life   

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